Entry #1

Calling all artists

2014-01-14 16:52:13 by Stealth-Emergence

Hello fellow NG user


Are you an artist? do you have time spare to make me some art?


Awesome! I'd like a sig and a user image please, if you can do it for me, please fire me a PM






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2014-01-14 17:16:28

What kind of motive are you looking for? Any specific style? Color? Font?

Stealth-Emergence responds:

Hey thanks

Well, something that "Stealth-Emergence" conjures up to the mind, if it can convey my varied, eclectic style that'd be cool too.

If you could make use of transparency (kind of like the image "emerging" through the page)

with subtle use of color, primarily a subtle purple color, thatd be great, thank you!


2014-01-14 18:40:43

Alright, I'll send you a PM in a minute.

Stealth-Emergence responds: