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That was actually alright. even though I knew what was coming, and from the start could see it was only short (12 seconds) I didn't know how or why he would do it, but he did it and I can now safely say that I'm probably a bit sick for wanting to see this frog commit this act.


Well good but you made a grave error lol

Well dude I liked this

as the previous reviewee said, this was really clich├ęd what with having the stereotyped "emo" guy

I did notice one problem with this

a poster in the background saying "Gothic is cool" or something like that!

well you really need to do a little more research!

Emo's are not the same as Goths, they just tend to wear black, and make up too

Emo is totally different to Gothic culture, and any emo that is called a Goth doesn't really like the confusion

well other than that small mistake I quite liked this, it's was well drawn/animated

But it was rather short


Peace Out!


Geez dude, what were you thinking

Geez man. what was the intention of this movie again.

was it meant to deter people from taking drugs. or was it meant to steer people into the direction of drugs.

Cos i gotta say man. this movie caused me to have to go find my stash.

Thanks man

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Awesome Game

This is a very good game, it is simple, but often the simplest ideas are the best.

This game has a somewhat addictive feel to it too so great work there.

Also you used my recent track in this game too, Thanks a million for that, it seemed rather fitting too.

Keep up the good work


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Overall, there's a lot of nice ideas in here. instrument selection is varied enough. This piece has a good, steady pace and for me I feel that it needs to go somewhere! There's some good breakdowns, one of which being (what I would describe as) Breathy which formed a part of a nice build up.

All in all, the things I mention could have more done with them. I would say that I think there needs to be more variation in here. There's that (three part, two part) two note recurring instrument which plays for too much of the track, introducing a bit more to that, some subtle variations throughout would have made it more interesting to listen to. then at around 1:34 there's a bit of a breakdown (the first of two?! or three?) This was a nice transition and it did include something different, perhaps would have been worth trying something a bit more removed from the part that came before, but you wrote the piece and this transitional element did work for the rest of what's here! I'm a stickler for variation though, even subtle ones can make for an interesting listening experience. Then, shortly after this change you revert back to what came before, which I won't fault, but again If you could have done more with that part initially, going back to it again would certainly have decreased it's overall repetition. But It's a nice piece, don't think I'm hating on it, just trying to be constructive and I hope you continue making music.


Cool, This is really good I liked it

Fuzzy-L0g1c responds:


So, here I am. I started the track and my expectations from, say the first 10 - 20 seconds and my thinking went something like this:

I wasn't expecting much, those first 10 - 20 seconds had me thinking this was going to be a dull, uninteresting piece, firstly because I've never heard your music before, I'm kind of assuming you're new (will check your profile deets in a moment, possibly more of your music too)

So anyway, I keep listening to the track and it flourishes. for the first minute or so of the introduction I was thinking there perhaps wouldn't be much variation but you've surprised me on that count too.

It's a very interesting piece to listen to with a good solid arrangement of instruments and sounds

I'm gonna check out your other stuff now




TheShowGuy responds:

hahaha sweet im glad i surprised you in the way i did, thanks Stealth!


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